tantra massage mexico city

Best Tantra and Sensual Massages in Mexico City

There are many types of therapeutic and tantric massages, from sports, physiotherapy, oriental, etc, to the most intimate and sexual. Each massage has different benefits and advantages, so you can find out which massage best suits your tastes. Below you will find the menu of massages carefully prepared with a lot of love and experience. Some are tantra classics, others are more erotic and you will be surprised by some exclusive new features, you will surely love to try them all!

Classical Tantric Massage

All the wisdom of masters and classic texts of Tantra will flow through the hands of your Tantra masseur. The sensitivity and connection that will be created between them will direct the different techniques to take you gently into ecstasy and different types of tantric orgasm.

Tantra Massage Mexico Version (very hot)

tantra massage mexico city

This tantric massage is the most famous in Mexico City because it is as hot as Mexico City itself. They say that before the calm comes the storm, and in this case it couldn’t be more accurate. The stress, tensions and burdens of everyday life seriously damage your health, which is why it is necessary to relax and release all those sources of illness. Tantra Massage Mexico Version will take the energy out of your whole body just like a roller coaster, but at the end you will feel a peace that you will rarely feel in life.

Erotic Massage in Mexico City

Erotic massage aims to make you feel the maximum pleasure that your body is capable of feeling. It is an intimate massage that fuses Tantra and sensuality to take you on paths full of new and exciting sensations.

Super Sensual Body to Body Massage

Super Sensual Massage raises the intensity of erotic massage to the highest peaks of the realm of joy. Your body and your Mexico City masseur will dance together in the sensual dance of body to body massage. There is nothing more erotic than this type of massage, regardless of the “happy ending”.

Prostate Massage

Man’s G-spot is in the anus, specifically in the prostate. That is why anal massage can stimulate this area and find the male G-spot. This is one of the vital points to experience a tantric orgasm. It is a massage that you can combine with other massages on the menu.

If you want more information about erotic and prostate massage in other cities, we recommend you to visit https://artmassagemalaga.com/, specialists in erotic massage in Malaga (Spain).

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is the adoration of the male genitals, not only penis, but also testicles, scrotum, anus and the entire pelvic area, especially the male energy (Yang). Although the Linga represents men’s phallus, the best tantra massage stimulates all genital and perianal area. It is a very powerful therapy to control ejaculation and heal problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction or male impotence.

Take a look at Art Massage Hong Kong to discover a perfect example of lingam massage performed by elegant erotic masseuses in HK, a superb combination of beauty and tantric skils.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a veneration of the feminine, the Yin, and its maximum expression in women’s sacred zone, the genital area. The vagina, clitoris, G-spot, prostate or Skene gland, are the physical parts, but in Yoni massage it also stimulates the energetic areas. Genital reflexology, which has been studied by Tantra and Taoism, recognizes several erogenous and healing points in women’s genitals. The hands of experienced masseurs and tantric masters are able to lead women to multiorgasmia. In addition, Yoni massage is able to cure sexual disorders such as anorgasmia, vaginitis, lack of sexual appetite or frigidity. This tantric massage in cdmx can cause female ejaculation, which is also known as squirting massage.

Shiva Dance Massage (New)

Shiva Dance Massage is a new massage, which has never been seen in Mexico or probably anywhere else. This therapy combines the massages described above and adds that magic of hidden secrets of Red Tantra. There are no words to describe all the sensations and states of serenity that your masseur’s energy can take you to with this special massage.

Tantra, Tantric and Erotic Massage Courses in Mexico City

Do not think that pleasure of Tantra can be enjoyed only by receiving massage. There are also many pleasant sensations that you can achieve by massaging your partner or lover. In Tantra and Tantric or Erotic massage courses you can become an expert masseur. Your partner will feel that being touched by your hands is a luxury.

Tantra Courses

Tantra courses include massage, sexual yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, and sacred tantricsex rituals. Secret rituals such as Mahabakti (oral sex), the Way of the Valley or Maituna.

Tantric Massage Course

Tantric massage courses are focused on tantra massage techniques. All the aspects that a tantric yogi must know, except those related to the most advanced tantric sex. We have teached erotic masseuses in Marbella, CDMX, and many other cities, check some of our therapists on artmassagemarbella.com to see them.

Erotic Massage Courses

Erotic massage courses are to learn the techniques of tantric massage that give most pleasure to men and women. Besides classic movements, they are mixed with very sensual tricks. These tricks transform the massage into how best to make a woman reach orgasm, one after the other, or a man.