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You are looking for the best masseur in Mexico City, congratulations, you found him! Welcome to my website MASAJISTAMÉXICO.COM. I want to offer you the best sex therapy for men, women and couples in Mexico City.  I know that if you are looking for this type of intimate massage is because you want to satisfy a hidden desire, a deep need to enjoy life, in short, you want to be happy. Well, that is my goal, that you feel that satisfaction more and more every day.


Over a decade of healing through tantric therapy

More than 10 years giving tantric massage for women and erotic massage for men and couples. It is an honor to help so many people improve their intimacy, heal their sexuality, female, male and couple, as a masseur at CDMX. To help free you from taboos and fears related to sex, by giving the massage with sensitivity and a lot of love.

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I am specialized in Tantra for women and sexual healing using Yoni (female genital) massage. I also provide Tantra for men and Tantric massage for couples.

Tantra Yoni Massage for women in Mexico City

Tantra massage cdmx for ladies who want to feel, relax and release tension. A luxury erotic massage it is not only on a physical level, to relieve contractions, but to live a truly liberating experience. Through tantra massage and yoni massage you can free yourself, emotionally release old wounds that limit your life and do not let you grow as a person.

Tantra is a very old philosophy, with more than 5000 years, has passed from master to student in a secret way. Now, in 2020, all the mysteries of this beautiful art will be revealed to you, so that you can get to better be aware of yourself and evolve physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tantric and erotic massage courses in Mexico City

If you want to learn to become a Tantric massage therapist in Mexico City, or practice Tantric sex in Mexico City, you can take a Tantric massage course. Of course, if you want you can take advantage of my experience in sensual massage and study an erotic massage workshop. From the most basic, for beginners, to the most advanced level, for amateurs or professionals who want to dedicate themselves to real Tantra.

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Tantra courses for men, women and couples

Tantra courses are progressive in order to evolve as a person at the same pace as you learn tantric massage techniques, meditation, sexual yoga and tantric sex. These courses include tantric massage and erotic massage for men, women and couples. You can learn it individually, directly with your master or practice Tantra with your partner.

Lingam & Yoni Massage in Mexico City

The Yoni massage is one of the secrets of a mystical tantric tradition. A Yoni massage is a series of stimulation techniques in women’s sacred area (vagina, clitoris, G-spot, cervix and anus), the entire intimate female sexuality. It is undoubtedly a powerful method for sexual healing.

Tantra for women can include Yoni massage in Tantric therapy, although sometimes it is not necessary and focuses on other healing aspects of Tantrism, for example meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, non-sexual massage or Ayurvedic massage.

Tantric massage for women helps to sexually heal female anorgasmia, vaginitis or frigidity, among others. Learn to empower yourself to heal old wounds from your past that limit your happiness.

If you wish to learn how to do a Tantric massage for women or learn how to do Yoni’s massage properly, I encourage you to take a Tantra course or a Tantric massage course for couples, individuals or groups.

You can find out more about tantra for women on Gerard Ribó‘s website.

Lingam Massage in Mexico City

For men, Tantra holds the secret of Lingam massage. Linga massage sex therapy focuses on male sacred area, genitals (penis, glans, scrotum and testicles) and anus (prostate and anal lips).

Lingam massage will help you to heal your male sexuality. The benefits go deeper than just sexual aspects, but when it comes to sexuality, in many cases it cures premature ejaculation, impotence or erectile dysfunction and male anorgasmia.

If you want to learn about the best ways to make a tantric massage for men, I propose you to do a course of tantric massage for men or a training to discover how to make an erotic massage for man, couple or lover.

Learn to practice tantric sex as a couple or individually.

If massage is not all you want to learn, I also teach advanced Tantra. The secrets and rituals of tantric sex so you can evolve as a person by practicing the more effective and therapeutic techniques.


Oral tantric sex.

Way of the Valley Ritual

Tantric sex for beginners or initiates

Maituna Ritual

Tantric sex or sacred sex.

Create your temple of love at home

You can set up your own temple of love at home, and do your sadhana or tantric practice. Alone or with your partner, becoming aware of the sexual energy and with total Bhakti (mutual devotion).

In Tantra for couples, individual sadhana is important to harmonize Shiva-Shakti relationships internally, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Only when you achieve sexual healing with yourself can you connect with perfect harmony Shiva-Shakti or Yin-Yang.

Do not hesitate, pleasure is waiting for you in Mexico City!