tantrik massage cdmx

The traditions of the East go beyond borders, and words like Zen or Tantra are becoming more and more common in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua or Panama. The case of the Aztec country is especially striking since tantrism and everything related to tantra courses was something unknown until a few years ago.

However, nowadays it is quite common to find offers of tantric massage and tantric masseurs offering their services.

Why is tantra in fashion?

As we indicated at the beginning of this article, tantra is becoming more and more common in Mexico and in a world that has been increasingly globalized and with conquests from different countries for hundreds of years, it is normal that at some point it will reach Western societies.

In the United States it was known for a long time due to the presence of Buddhist monks and the immigrant spirit of the Americans, but in Mexico City it was more difficult to find offers of tantra courses, fortunately, that has changed today and it is a trend that is more and more fashionable.

A tantric massage consists of an oriental tradition that seeks well-being and sensuality through contact with a partner through sexual connection.

However, far from staying in a different way of experiencing sex life it goes beyond that as it is an ideal practice for both women and men, in couples or singles that seeks a positive attitude and acceptance of the human body without prejudice of any kind.

Hence the tremendous success it has among many people who conceive of tantra in cdmx as the search for pleasure by delaying the orgasm as much as possible.

What are the benefits of Tantric massage?

Besides getting pleasure from a full-body massage, we learn to manage our body better by getting a massage from our partner. The internal management of our resources, delaying ejaculation or stimulating genitals are just some of the advantages of applying tantra in our lives.

There are many men with sexual issues, and the same is true for some women who are self-conscious and still do not conceive of sex for pure pleasure. Therefore, tantric tradition as well as an erotic massage stimulates and prepares our body with so-called foreplay.

Tantric masseurs are specialists in unblocking certain diseases such as lack of libido, prostate problems, vaginismus, weak erections or premature ejaculation. Tantra courses help to treat these diseases that Mexicans suffer from and which affect their confidence and self-esteem.

Patients, both men and women, can benefit from tantra courses to solve sexual problems they may have within the couple.